Special Economic Zone in 2013

The new program of Indonesia’ government is special economic zone in 2013. This program support with the program of government MDG’s (milenium Dovelopt Growth). Where Indonesia into the ranks of the world’s largest economies. With special economic zone in 2013. Government want to stimulate economic growth in eastern Indonesia.

As we known east in Indonesia need developing infrastructures, special economic zone in 2013 will start it with international port in Bitung, North Sulawesi. Need Rp 2 trillion to upgrade container port, said Sarundajang. The international port will make eastern Indonesia growth with manufacturing base for the natural resources, fisheries and packaging industries. North Sulawesi will increase with special economic zone in 2013 until Rp 50 trillion for GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

it’s interesting program 😉

written by damasmart


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